Brody Kennedy Brody Kennedy
Ok so we have a real winner for you perverts this week, meet Brody Kennedy! You\'ve heard the term \"fake it till you make it\" well this whore took that to heart, rather to ink. She has her fists tattooed one hand sports PORN and STAR on the other, talk about something she\'ll file under regret later on in life. Forget being a porn star, she\'s a mediocre fuck at best. She should have inked DUMB CUNT, at least it would be a tad more accurate. I mean she has a decent enough ass especially when it\'s bouncing up and down on Sasha\'s dick, and her tits are small and perky, which can be refreshing in a sea of big fake tits, I guess. Her best assets are below her neck, she\'s not ugly but she sure ain\'t beautiful either, I\'d say she\'s about 30% on her way to the after picture of a faces of meth before and after pic set. Let\'s hope she doesn\'t become a crack whore and makes it as a big name porn star, but even as a gambler I\'ll play the odds that she winds up with a concussion after someone kicks open the stall door and nails her in the head while she\'s bent over snorting cocaine off a dirty toilet seat. Odds are she\'ll be giving head for nose candy before she\'s accepting awards for doing a double anal on screen, either way we gave her a mouthful of cum, a paycheck and wish her all the best!
Sativa Rose
It’s been a while since we’ve seen hottie Sativa Rose. It seems she’s been working on her skills and has made some great strides in her ability suck cock, she still has some work to do on her deep throating skills but I have no doubt she’ll get there. You know what they say about practice;-) I like Sativa, probably because she isn’t built like you’re typical porn whore, she’s a tiny one at 5 feet tall, natural brown hair and unbelievable natural tits! Oh and what an ass on this tight little Mexican senorita, give me lobster bib and I’d feast on that behind for hours. Unless you like blondes with big fakies then I’m sure you’re gonna love Sativa with her near perfect tits and ass. What I don’t get is why Sasha kept is dick in her sweet wet pussy and didn’t crack that ass open. Last time she was here Ben fucked her in the ass, maybe Sasha is getting soft in his old age. Then again he’s the one who had Sativa gargling on his cock, riding him bareback and drinking his cum, not me, so who the fuck am I to criticize!
Tiffany Taylor
This week we have annoying bitch Tiffany Taylor. You know those dumb fucking cunts that have a banging body and somewhat decent face, the ones on the borderline of being really hot but then open their mouths and instead of banging the shit out of them you want to push them in front of a truck, well that’s Tiffany! If you like your women tall with nice legs you might forgive her extremely annoying whiney high pitched bratty voice. If you look at Tiffany and think she’s an ignorant slut whose only goals in life are to suck off strangers and whore herself out until she meets some guy who will save her lost slut soul you shouldn’t be so quick to judge a book the cock it’s sucking. She still goes to university and is working towards her careers, being a model and criminologist! Such dreams, she might even reach some of her lofty goals after all she’s already been a playboy centerfold. But let’s get real, she started her so called modelling career at 19 and quickly became a playboy centerfold, now she’s getting gagged on film and taking a face full of cum! Tiffany if you’re reading this... even though you’re annoying as fuck to listen to we wish you all the best, now stay on track young whore, you’re veering off that road to success into the gutter!
Ricci White
This weeks Biohazard Bitch is proof that just about anyone with tits and holes can get onto porn, meet Ricci. We hook this mutt face fucktard up with ex rocker Kurt Lockwood, because this guy will fuck just about anyone that isn’t sporting a cock. Kurt’s built some good muscle swinging guitars around on stage, now he’s swinging whores around and holding them upside down for a standing 69. Not only does Ricci have a perfect face for radio this stupid cunt can’t even tan properly. I hate seeing untanned under ass cheeks, how can you possibly fuck up lying down on a bed of light bulbs. Ricci if you’re reading this, assuming you can actually read, use a standing tanning booth or walk outside, you live in California and can work on a decent tan for free, fucking dimwit! I wouldn’t call Ricci fat but the bitch ain’t thin either, if she wants to have even the slightest chance of getting more work she should take the $75 we paid her and join a gym to firm up a little. I do have to admit watching her all natural funbags bounce around and she’s being ass pummelled by cock is quite hot. She won’t make our top 10 favourites, shit I doubt she’ll make the top 50 but for a lousy $75 she was a fun whore to toss around, face fuck, sodomize and cover is sperm.
Samantha Ryan
This week we bring back 26 year old hottie Samantha Ryan. It\'s not often we get an actual blonde with real tits wearing little to no make-up, this chick is a natural beauty. All that means absolutely nothing if she can\'t deep throat dick and take a face fucking like a champ. Luckily for Samantha she\'s able to take down every inch of Kurt\'s cock while drooling all over herself and takes the initiative to eat his ass hole. So far she\'s batting a thousand, she let\'s Kurt toss her around like a slutty rag doll, even flipping the tiny tart upside down for a standing 69! These two have chemistry and put on a great show, the only disappointment is he didn\'t fuck her tight ass. Give me a line of blow and a lobster bib and I\'d chow down on that fine behind for hours!
Lauren Pheonix
We have cock hungry Lauren Phoenix for sick fucks this week. Lauren loves the cock, she loves touching it, tasting it, feeling it jammed in any hole on her body big enough to fit some man meat. Lauren told us her fantasy was to have all three of her holes filled at the same time and be the center of attention. Be careful what you wish for, we gave this worthless piece of meat what she wanted and more during this fuck session. The guys took turns ramming her pussy and ass switching up often so they could clean off their cocks in her mouth. The guys had a blast destroying this stupid fuck pig, pulling her hair, choking, spitting on her, and smacking her while stuffing her pussy, ass and mouth simultaneously. Lauren must have loved her fantasy being fulfilled; this bitch was dripping from all her holes, self-lubed to perfection. The icing on the cake was the frosting in her mouth, she swallowed every drop of all three loads.
Alicia B.
Another Alicia, what’s with all these whores having the same names? If you ever meet a chick named Alicia, chances are she’s a filthy little whore hopefully like this pig. We give her a lesson in opening her throat and gagging. Because we’re such nice fellas we loosen up Alicia’s throat, pussy and ass with a clear toy before ramming her in all 3 holes with a hard cock. This bitch admits she likes being slapped, choked and treated like a dirty whore, which is good because she should know that we won’t treat her like anything else other then a filthy little whore. We just pummelled her tight little ass and kept feeder her ass to mouth over and over before finally feeder her a nice load!
We have a Biohazard first timer, a hottie by the name of Channel… like her name even matters. We figured this Cuban cunt was going to be fun, after watching a few of the videos she asked for the big man, any slut who actually requests a foot long cock be rammed up her ass should be a fun fuck. She was so silent while her mouth was being filled with man meat we almost though she was going to be a silent dead fuck. Nothing like 12 inches of cock getting plowed into your lower intestines to get a whore moaning and groaning. This pretty lil thing has a great set of natural tits, and I think the back of her skull must be something pretty to look at also since she spent most of the time with her eyes practically rolled back into her head; that much cock up your ass can do that apparently.
Nadia Styles
This week we bring in hot little brunette Nadia Styles. This fun little slut has mad oral skills, which is works out well since she’s chosen a career in cock sucking. Any whore that can deep throat and manage to stick her tongue far enough out of her cock filled mouth to lick balls has talent. Nadia told us she has an oral fixation so we made sure to take every opportunity to stuff her face with pussy and ass soaked dick. Nadia is cute, tiny, has a tight little ass and perky tits, the only thing on this bitch that isn’t small are her big floppy snatch flaps. This chick has some serious wizard sleeves; if you’re into meaty pussy you’d feast Nadia’s roast beef curtains. I don’t know what it is with these tiny girls and the ass reaming they’re able to endure. We sodomize this whore repeatedly only taking short breaks to give Nadia a chance to get skull fucked with Bens ass covered cock and she took it all with a smile, such a good little whore.
This week we tag team newbie hottie Isabella Pacino. This cutie has only been in the industry a few months and has never done a DP, we\'re going to break her little ass in, literally:-) We love getting fresh meat, they usually put in that extra effort like stick their tongue up some guys sweaty, hairy ass and letting us do pretty much anything we want to them. It\'s amazing what some people will do for a few bucks and the dream of being a porn starlet, sadly for them all they\'re usually left with is a soar ass, broken ego, and some great stories they\'ll never tell her future husband. Isabella has the skills to pay the bills, she deep throats and sucks cock like a champ. We pummelled her ass, each guy taking turns reaming her then cleaning his cock off in her mouth while the next guy stuffed him man meat up her tight butt hole. She even cleaned off both cock at the same time after we double stuffed her, filling both holes at the same time, and the bitch loved every minute of it. Isabella if you\'re reading this (we assume you can read) we truly hope you realize your dream of becoming a full fledge professional whore. Remember, anything is possible when you work hard, sucking a lot of cock never hurts either:-)
We have another cum slut for you guys today; this bitch is Tiffany Holiday. We make sure to stuff this whore with some big black cock and make sure her time with us is no holiday. We bend this bitch like she\'s made of rubber, twist her sexy little body so we can plug her holes from every angle. Tiffany must have skipped breakfast and lunch because this bitch was hungry for cock; she kept gobbling it right out of her ass and gagging on it. We really splatter this slut with cum, first blowing a load in her pussy then letting it drip out on her face, then just because we had some friends around we had each of then blast her face with more cum. It\'s fun to do things just because we can:-)
Stacy Thorn
This week we have fake blonde and fake 18 year old Stacy Thorn. She’s cute, tall, has a decent rack and a great sense of humour, couple that with the fact she loves to be used and treated like a worthless piece of fuck meat and I think I found my future ex wife. She’s witty but I wouldn’t go as far as calling her smart, then again other than a couple of whores we’ve destroyed I wouldn’t label any of these fucktards as smart! If they had any smarts they would save some of their hard earned cash and not call us for work 2 days before rent is due, each and every month. I’m not complaining, if it weren’t for dumb whores I wouldn’t have this wonderful job, then I might be getting skull fucked and fed dick that’s just been rammed up my poop shoot just to make rent and buy a happy meal. Then again we’re all told no matter what we chose to do in life we should do it to the best of our ability and in that respect Stacy does her job like a champ. Unlike our freshly fired editing guy who couldn’t do his job and match the video and audio in this scene! Should he ever show up to our office even to pick up the final pay check he’s never getting, I’m going to have Stacy strap on a fat dildo and ream his ass. Something tells me he’s not going to enjoy it as much as she did, then again ya never know.
Veronica Jett
Today we put a little cumster in Veronicas dumpster:-) Veronica has a hot little body with a smoothly shaved snatch and nice natural tits, which is great because if she had to depend on that overly made up fugly face of hers to make it in porn she’d have some serious issues. Then again, we hire almost any whore that’s willing to sucks and gag on cock that’s just penetrated their dirty anus. I suppose we should be a little grateful we get to sodomize and abuse an average looking slut that doesn’t have jiggling belly fat or dimple filled ass cheeks like so many of the whores that want to shoot for us. Whether it be her mouth, pussy or ass this dumb fucking cunt does a great job taking Bens cock balls deep. I’m always amazed how much dick these tiny fuck sluts are able to take. Ben has fun tossing this bitch around like a slutty rag doll, stretching out her ass in just about every position possible while we get the some kick ass angles for your viewing pleasure. We finish this bitch off with an anal cream pie that gets pooped out, this isn’t for the squeamish:-)
We\'ve got a fresh hot cutie for you sick fucks this week, cutie Poppy Morgan. This fresh face slut is relatively new to the industry and by her performance here I think she\'ll do just fine. We made sure to break her in nice and easy, being gentle to make sure her first experience with us wasn\'t too hard. Marco made sure to treat her with the utmost respect and took things slow and soft. Yeah right! He wasted no time stuffing her fresh face with cock, ramming it down her throat resulting in some great gags. The throat poking must have felt like a Disney ride compared to anal destruction that followed. This was the first time Poppy did ass to mouth, I hope she liked the taste of it because Marco fed her his dirty cock straight out of her now not so tight anus many a time. This dumb little fuck slut seemed to enjoy tasting herself, shoving her hand up her cunt while being reamed in the ass then licking it clean. The cum gargling whore looks especially good with cum all over her pretty little face. We have changed the format in which you can download the videos, they are now full scenes offered in three different sizes. The highest is DVD quality at full screen and almost half a gig in size!
Tia and Flower
This week we have hottie whores Tia Sweets and Flower Tucci. For all you guys that fantasize about doing two girls at the same time, you’re going to enjoy watching Kurt shove his cock anywhere it fits in these two ass eating sluts. Both Tia and Flower were obviously raised right and their parents should be very proud of their little angels, these girls know how to share and play well with others. The girls have good manners and eat their vegetables; well we know they’re damn good at tossing a salad. While one whore is blowing Kurt the other keeps busy by sucking his balls or burying her tongue up his ass. Although they were working as a team the whores had a fun competition to see which can take Kurt’s dick further down her throat or harder up her ass and out do the other. The girls didn’t just stick to eating Kurt’s ass they tasted each other’s ass, straight up and off of Kurts hard cock when he pulled it out of their stretched out anuses. There was hardly a moment when these three weren’t licking, sucking or penetrating some body part of the other one. The only time we had to take a break during this fuck session was after Flower squirted all over the place and we had to clean off the camera lens! We promised the girl who was the best would get the cum shot but it was too close to call so Tia sucked the cum off and out of Flowers ass then snowballed it back into Flowers mouth, this way each girl got a taste of the cock sauce and no one would feel left out. We’re just good hearted people like that here, sometimes it’s like we care too much:-)
Most whores we destroy never come back for second helpings, some return because rent is due or they need money to get high. I suppose getting some strangers dick slammed down their throat until they are drooling bile is better than being sober or homeless. Then we have girls like Harmony who are back every few months because she loves getting used, abused and treated like a worthless piece of trash. I don\'t know what happened growing up that gives sluts like Harmony such daddy issues that they need to be dominated and humiliated in order to have some sense of self worth. Whatever the trigger is we make sure to give these girls the attention they\'re lacking by skull fucking them, stretching all their holes, slapping them, spitting on them and splattering cum on their pretty faces. Ben decided to give Harmony\'s ass a break and stretch out her mouth and pussy, by any means possible. He shoved his foot down her throat, his fist up her cunt and I\'m still looking for the remote control! After watching Ben fist her box I feel bad for the next guy she bangs, slipping his dick into her pussy will be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
We have a fresh face 19 year old cutie for you this week; meet Aarlyn. Even though this bitch is new to being a whore on camera, by the way she sucks and fucks she\'s been practicing this for years off camera. Ben starts off by face fucking Aarlyn, shoving his cock down her throat until she\'s drooling all over her little flap jack titties. Good thing her cute face, freshly shaved pussy and tight arse make up for her floppy tits! Don\'t fret Aarlyn we have some good news for you, after being sodomized by complete strangers on film a few dozen times you\'ll have enough money saved to invest in a nice rack to boost that low self esteem of yours, your landlord and crack dealer can wait for their money… Priorities bitch:-) Ben reams this bitch, smacking and ramming her ass until it\'s bright red, making her lick and suck his ass juice covered cock. You\'d never guess Aarlyn wasn\'t a seasoned pro, the way she talks, sucks and fucks, this bitch is a natural born whore! It\'s great when the newbies put in such a good effort, we always make sure to reward them with a face full of cock sauce.
Samantha Sinn
We teach this weeks biohazard bitch Samantha Sinn how to multi task. For many of these dumb cunts doing two things at once isn\'t easy, that\'s why we usually double team the brunettes, the blonds get too confused. We double stuff this bitch making sure there\'s a cock in her ass and a cock in her pussy and/or mouth at all times. Any doctor will tell you it\'s not hygienic to take a dick out the ass and put it into the pussy, it can cause all kinds of bad shit to happen up there. We take the health of our models very seriously and make sure when a dick comes out of the dirty skanks ass she sucks it clean before we shove up their snatch, it\'s the responsible thing to do after all. We give this bitch a cream pie surprise blowing 2 load right in her ass then had her fart it out, real classy like:-)
This week we have smart ass slut Kat with us. This was one of the fuck shoots we had porn star Puma Swede shoot for us and she found the hottest homeless Vietnam Vet you’ve ever seen. Kat is a real cutie and probably the only whore that claims to be 19 and actually is. This bitch is tiny, you perverts that love young looking tiny twats are going to enjoy this little one. I don’t know when the last time Kat had some food was but the way she was munching on man ass it must have been a while since her last happy meal. The one benefit this poor girl had being on an empty stomach was while she getting skull fucked upside down with her face was getting covered in her own spit and blowing bile bubbles out her nose was that no chucks came up. Puma and her stunt cock that looks like Slash’s retarded brother had some fun destroying this whore, tearing up her tight little ass then feeding her cock covered in as juice. Talk about a mouthful, if it wasn’t a cock being rammed into her pie hole she was choking herself, forcing her fist down her own throat. Being the generous people they are Puma and retard Slash made sure to leave Kat with a crispy dollar bill feed her a face full of cock sauce.
Havana and Diana
This week we have a couple of dirty fuck pigs for you sick pervs, meet Havana Ginger and Davia Ardell. Make sure you turn down the volume for this scene, these hyenas are as loud as they are ugly. Just in case you were wondering which hog is which, Davia is the one that looks like a post-op tranny (the white slut). They say two wrongs don’t make a right, well same goes for fugly women, two heffers don’t make a hottie. Now if you focus on the giant titties the train wreck of a face shouldn’t bother you much at all. For you giant nipple loves Havana’s aerials are so big her nips look like giant brown yarmulkes (the little hats worn by them Jewish folk). What I don’t understand is when Davia went to the butcher to have her ass clown implants installed, once Dr. Nick had the knife out why not have him remove the dead Siamese twim baby fetus from her cheek at the same time. She wouldn’t look half bad without that giant mole, or whatever that disgusting growth is. If you think the chicks in this scene are fucked up wait until you see our pitiful excuse for a man, this fucktard had the nerve to choose the porn name Van Damage! I can only assume he got this name because he drives a beat up rusted out 1987 Dodge Caravan with a ton of damage on it. He does have a big dick though, so if you take anything away from watching this train wreck, it should be... A big dick or giant rack is all you need to get work shooting porn, nothing else seems to matter, at least not for these fuck nuts.
Gentlemen meet Vanilla, like that’s her real name lol. Most of the strippers out there and whores we shoot have their “stage name” that they use when working. I know these women aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed but do they think they’re fooling anyone by choosing a different name. It’s not like someone will be watching the bitch suck some dudes cock and say “Wow that looks like Allison Caron but it says Vanilla Eatsmore on the site so I guess it’s not her”! I suppose Vanilla is a little plain, average body, somewhat cute face but nothing spectacular, although she does take her ass ramming like a champ! This bitch is new to the porn scene, we made sure to get her while she’s nice and fresh so we could ruin her first:-) There’s nothing like going in for one of your first shoots and have some guy face fuck you while you drool all over yourself, then they realize; if that’s the start what the fuck did I just get myself into? Vanilla told us she had done anal with her ex-boyfriend but didn’t do it all that often, so we made sure to rip her tight ass apart! This shoot sure was an education for this dumb broad, not only did she realize getting pounded in the ass by some stranger hurts a lot more than when her pussy ex-boyfriend did it, she also learned what her ass tastes like as we schooled her in the art of ATM (Ass to Mouth:-).
Kelly Tyler
This week we have Kelly Tyler and her magic meat flaps. What’s so magical about Kelly’s big box you ask, it’s swallowed more semen then the Bermuda triangle. She might have a nice young face and tight body but her fuck hole looks like a one lane tunnel that had a double wide trailer tear through it. Even with Ben’s big dick it was like throwing a cow into the ocean there was so much room to spare. You tell the age of a tree by counting its rings, if you counted the creases on this whores roast beef curtains you’d think she looks fantastic for an 80 year old hooker. Luck for Ben Kelly’s mouth is a lot tighter than her loosey goosey pussy. Ben went to work on her pie hole, filling her face full of man meat. I’m being a little hard on this slut, what the fuck should I expect her pussy to look like after this cunt takes dick as a hobby and for a living, and she takes it like a champ. Ben tossed this bitch around like a rag doll, fucking her in every position the bald bastard could think of then leaving her with a face painted with cum.
This weeks hot little used and abused whore is Aline. You can always tell the veteran strippers and porn gals, I\'d say pornstar but that would be giving this c-list whore a little too much credit. The girls who have been around the block a few times don\'t raise an eyebrow when you tell them their going to be double-teamed and stretched out like an overused elastic. The new girls always have that look of shock they try and hide but not the veteran whores, it\'s either the cheap Botox keeping their faces emotionless or just as likely you adapt and it\'s normal having guys pummel your holes until they are swollen and red. When getting cock crammed down your throat so deep you can\'t say a word while another cock is being rammed deep into your ass, and that\'s considered a usual Tuesday afternoon, you\'ve been doing this a while. I guess we\'ll promote Aline to pornstar status, after all, any chick that can take a big cock in either hole, take turns cleaning them off with her mouth is a star in our book. So if you\'re reading this Aline, or someone is reading this to your illiterate dysfunctional dirty slut self, congrats on the promotion! There\'s no pay increase but you can change the official title on your business card (if you ever print them) from: Aline - Dirty Fucking Whore, to Aline - Dirty Fucking B List Pornstar Whore. Or just keep blowing the guy who interviews you and you\'ll continue to get work.
Barbara Summer
If you’re an ass man or a boob man you’re gonna love this week’s Biohazard Bitch Barbara Summer. This blonde bimbo has a smoking body that’s tanned to perfection. You better believe Alex isn’t going to take this asstastic opportunity lightly; he goes straight for the prized piece of ass. Gotta love this guy, most stunt cocks get a little head, then fuck the pink before sticking it in the stink, not this mother fucker. He starts by fucking some ass then removes his dick so Barbara can taste her anal juices then goes right back to pummelling her pooper. This isn’t Barbara’s first visit, last time we paired her up with two guys who used and abused her like the dirty fuck pig that she is. Barbara’s body is just banging, long legs, tight phat ass and a perfect pair, shame she fucked it up some ugly ass tattoo. I have no objections to ink but the majority of the time it doesn’t look like body art, it looks like a white trash tramp stamp, at least it’s not some guys name, or worse yet her own name like last week’s nit wit Missy. Enough of my ramblings, enjoy watching Barbara take a face full of cock sauce.
For a guy who loves big fakies and bitches who don’t talk much Sheryl is the perfect whore. She wasn’t too fond of the camera filming her at first but I slipped a little something something in her drink to loosen her up a bit. She’s a whore from a regular agency so I couldn’t stick her head in my toilet like I do the other cuts, but that didn’t stop me from fucking her rotten and treating her like the whore that she is. I wasn’t her first call of the night so you bet I’ll wear a dome when I fuck her, she’s clean enough to blow my load in her face and eye though.
We decided to outsource this weeks Biohahazard victim, meet Filipino fucktart Nadi. Seems everything is being outsourced to China, India or the Philippines these days, so we decided to give this Filipino a break from cleaning houses and helping raise someone else\'s children to swallow nine inches of man meat. Nadi has a great face for fucking, unfortunately her parents couldn\'t afford the orthodontics to fix that messed up set of crooked teeth that could rip your wang to shreds if you\'re not careful. She didn\'t earn the nickname Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker back in school for nothing! Coming from the home of the exploited sex slaves we knew we could have a blast with this tiny little bitch. Okay Nadi was born and raised in California but we still need to make fun of her heritage and all the stereotypes based around the Filipino people, after all we wouldn\'t want to disappoint you sick fucks by being all politically correct. We stuff this tiny girl with cock in every hole, pummelling her pussy and stretching out her tight little butt hole. If you like exotic looking babes with dark skin and blue eyes you\'re gonna like Nadi, if you like exotic looking babes with dark skin, blue eyes and a face full of semen then you\'re gonna love Nadi:-)
Annie Cruz
This week we bring back fun Filipina hottie Annie Cruz. It\'s been about a year and a half since the last time Annie was here and it\'s great to see she\'s been working on those deep throating skills. It\'s good to see she\'s still gagging only now she can take the cock down that much further before drooling all over herself. A year or two can take a toll on these porn whores but Annie is looking pretty good, she still has really nice natural tits and other than some pretty noticeable ass bruises she\'s as hot as ever. An ass bruising is perfectly fine if she\'s leaving with them, but not so cool showing up and looking like she was at the wrong end of a swinging belt strap. I guess her boyfriend (that\'s the polite term for the guy that fucks her and takes her money) likes his women like he likes his chicken, lightly battered!
We have a chocolate treat for you sick bastards today, Marie Luv. She’s one of the tightest black chicks in porn, with a killer ass, nice natural tits and great abs. Here at Biohazard we are equal opportunity deranged fucks, black, white, yellow, makes no difference to us, it’s all pink inside:-) Marie was worried she wouldn’t be treated as bad as the white bimbos we get, we made sure not to disappoint her, or you guys. This dumb bitch swallows cock like her broke ass hasn’t eaten in a week, which is probably why nothing but spit comes back up after being gagged mercilessly. She didn’t seem to like the hair pulling much, who knows maybe her weave was loose and we were going to pull off that fucking mop of a hairdo. We slammed this stupid bitches pussy and ass until she just about had tears of joy running down her cheeks. She couldn’t stop screaming how much she loves being fucked like a whore and how she wants both cocks in her. This bitch just doesn’t shut up, she sounds like more of a man than Mike Tyson but the words that come out of her whore mouth make just as little sense. Well Marie if you’re able to read or someone is reading this to you; you were a great sport, you took the fucking like a champ and fully earned your book of food stamps, bravo bitch, brav-fucking-o!
Brooke Haven
This week we bring back one of our favourite Biohazard Bitches, Brooke Haven. This top heavy whore is by far one of my personal favs of all time. She isn\'t the best looking nor does she have the best body, although it is pretty fine if you like a little extra meat and big fakies. Brooke is one of those girls that put the extra something something to make sure if she goes down a 6 or 7 she comes up a 9 or 10. This bitch loves getting used like a worthless piece of fuck meat, that\'s right you sick fucks there are women who get off being mistreated and abused. Just a tip though... It\'s best to find out if the girl you are about to face fuck and sodomize is game before going balls deep in her ass then skull fucking her with ass soaked cock. So she isn\'t the hottest, the brightest or the nastiest we\'ve had but something about this big tit floozy has this sick fuck putting her in the top 5 on my list!
If you saw this fuck pig in public your first thought would be, this chick is a dirty whore, and you\'d be right, meet Adrianna Nicole. Some girls just have that whore look about them, I don\'t know if it\'s the bleached blonde hair, overly made up face or not so wisely chosen tattoos, but with some bitches you can just tell they have the dirty rotten whore gene. Perhaps they come from a long line of fuck pigs, her mother and her mother before might have been sick twisted sluts that enjoyed gagging on cock and getting cock jammed all the way up their ass. I don\'t know what exactly it is, maybe some university needs to do a whore genealogy study but until then we\'ll use our sure fire way of finding the natural fuck pig, slam cock so far into ever available hole and if they scream for more and to be pounded harder then they are a true whore, perfect for Biohazard Bitches. I\'m sure Adrianna has a lot going for her and has some other purpose in life other then being a worthless piece of meat, we just failed to find out what that was.
Lucy Lee
I would love to tell you guys we got Lucy Liu for this weeks episode but we just have a cheap made in China knock off, Lucy Lee. You gotta love the names these dim whitted douche bags chose for themselves. We crack this little fortune cookie apart, fucking her in the ass long time, then feeding it back to her. I don\'t know what the white shit leaking out of her ass is, I don\'t recall ordering this duck with extra sauce, maybe that was just the MSG:-) It couldn\'t have been that bad because Lucy kept licking Sasha\'s cock clean each time he pulled it out of her dripping anus. He hardly bothered with her Peking pussy and focused mainly on cracking that tight Asian ass.
This week’s whore is Lopez, but we refer to her as our mild mannered meaty Mexican mutt! The meaty Mexican was foaming at the mouth while Ben and Scott were ramming their cocks down her throat, the sound of her gargling and chocking on her own saliva cracks me up every time I watch her! Some of the bitches that walk through our door are timid and shy, they don’t really know what their about to get into and they sure as hell haven’t had a guy feed them a cock straight out of their gaping stretched ass before. Lopez on the other hand is either a natural born whore, or more likely got some great training growing up in Mexico getting gang banged by the 20 cousins she lived with, either way, who the fuck really cares! I don’t know why these cunts even bother talking, this dumb whore saying “pound my ass hole like I fucking deserve it”, bitch we’re going to do whatever we fucking want but thanks for input, now gag on this!
Hailey is hometown hottie, a bit of a naïve slut who is new to the porn scene and didn\\’t really know what she was getting into when she signed on to do a scene for Biohazard Bitches. She claimed to be a little wild but had no clue what filthy entailed, no worries Ben taught this slut how to be a filthy little whore. She really got into the filthy shit we made her to do, with almost no complaints, not that we have complaint department or suggestion box for these dumb whores. Hailey pushed away a few times when she had cock rammed down her throat but for the most part took the face fucking like a champ. For someone who claims to have only had anal a few times, she took the ass fucking of her life with a smile. We stretch her tight little ass, and get a good little gape out of this bitch. This cunt took everything we through her way then ate up every drip of cum like a good whore, I think she may have a future in this business after all.
Keanni Lei
This week we have the shy and insecure Keanni Lei. In reality she’s neither but Sylvester Stallone is neither a boxer or war vet but he plays one, same goes for this Hawaiian hoochie. We all know Keanni has the skills to pay the bills but it’s more fun to have her come off as an innocent naive girl that needs to learn the ropes. Regardless of the so called story line it’s fun to watch this hottie drool all over herself as cock is being rammed down her throat. With her tight little body and smoothly shaved snatch it’s not hard to believe she could be young and inexperienced, until she takes a cock and toy in the ass at the same time that is:-) Veteran or newbie I think it’s safe to say Keanni learned something new today; how a cum coated donut tastes!
Estelle Leon
In honour of the royal wedding we have Estelle Leon straight from England! I don\'t know what the deal is with this scene and the whole pacifier, daddy thing, but for all you perverts who like to be called daddy while you bang some whore this one is for you. Personally I never understood the whole \"who\'s your daddy\" thing, are there guys out there that actually want to bang their daughters, I can understand their daughters friends, but their own flesh and blood, wtf?? It takes all kinds and I suppose and let\'s face it every slut is someone\'s daughter. Chances are most of the cunts we shoot have been touched at some point by a family member or someone of authority that turned them into the fucked up whores that they are. Then again we are living in great times, it\'s not only accepted to do porn it\'s pretty much encouraged by the celebrities young people look up to. Filming yourself fucking and posting it online for everyone to watch isn\'t taboo, it\'s celebrated, these are great times my perverted pals. I wish I had video of Pippa Middleton fucking but that won\'t surface for a while so you\'ll have to settle with Estelle and this fucktard Tony T.
We brought the very fuckable tight and tiny Nyomi. We have buddy who has always commented how he wanted to shoot with us and keeps busting our balls that we only hire white guys to bang these dumb whores. He finally worked up the nerve to be on camera and we gave his black ass a shot at being a low life degenerate porn scumbag who treats women like worthless pieces of meat. We paired him up with Nyomi, we figured he would like a bitch that has back! This squinty little cunt has an ass made to be sodomized by a big black cock. She bounces and shakes her ass so much show would even make Sir-Mix-A-Lot proud! Our guy was a little bit of a newbie so Nyomi grabbed on to his cock and started ramming it down her throat, gagging herself on the big slab of black man meat. Our man started off in the pink but moved to the stink mighty fast, with an ass like that who could blame the guy. Nyomi doesn’t shut her fucking trap for a second, then again it’s hard to complain when you have a whore screaming “give it to me daddy, fuck my tight ass”! She’s fun to listen to for a bit but god damn I would have smacked her in the face and shoved a sock in her mouth about halfway through. For a first timer our man did a hell of a job, he was enjoying pumping her ass so much he didn’t even pull out to pop on her face. No worries, Nyomi pushed the anal cream pie out and licked it up off the carpet like a good little whore.
Sintia Stone
This week we have a bleached blonde with a great body and big breasts, actually we have two Sintia and Anthony! This dude is fucking massive, unfortunately for him I’m talking about every muscle but his cock, not that he’s small but even an above average dick on he-man doesn’t look all that impressive. Funny enough I think Anthony’s tits are actually bigger than Sintia’s, if they aren’t bigger they sure are more firm lol. Sintia gets used, abused and flipped around like a slutty rag doll. Anthony practically bends her in half pinning her legs behind head as he slams her with dick. With an ass like hers I’m amazed he spent so much time sticking his dick in her pink taco, I would have gone straight for that stink star. I love watching as he slaps her in the face and she slaps back one for one, you can see him getting red in the face, props to Sintia. I thought he was going to close his hand a give her a fist full, instead he grabbed her face and skull fucked her. These two worked up a hell of a sweat, which means it was a job well done on both parts. I hope we bring Sintia back, any whore that sucks on the nut sack while waiting for a mouth full of cock sauce is my kind of gal.
This week we double team hottie Trina Michaels. This bleached blonde with big fake tits is so original I\'m surprised the bimbo didn\'t have a barbed wire tattoo across her bicep. Trina has a nice looking face, but it looks so much better when she\'s being smacked by two big cocks and having then fed and rammed down her throat. The only problem with banging the crap out of whores with big fake boobs is the only thing that jiggles when you\'re pounding them is their belly fat. We\'re not complaining, those big ass fun bags are fun as hell to motor boat and slap around. Trina was born for porn, we see many girls come and go, giving the porn thing a try and then going back to whatever miserable life they had before but I think we\'ll see Trina around for a while. Not just because she has big ass clown fake boobs or loves the cock, but because she truly is a dirty fuck pig. Any bitch that likes it and swallows when a guy spits in her mouth, takes two cocks at a time and loves every second of it will do well making smut films. She just has to make sure she stays slim and trim! On the day of our shoot all she ate was a couple of freshly ass soaked cocks and a mouth load of semen, if she keeps this diet up she\'ll lose that extra pudge in no time at all:-) This one fun fucking whore…
Aurora Snow
We brought back one of our favourite whores of recent, Aurora Snow. Aurora gives us some good advise \"You can never be too rich, too smart, or too skinny\" well bitch can you be fucked too hard, too long and have your anus stretched out too much? You\'re about to find out:-) It\'s not easy to shut this bitch up, she even tried to mumble shit while her mouth is stuffed with dick or a fist. This blonde beauty can swallow cock with the best of em, taking down the man meat while gagging and drooling all over her fine self. If you think it\'s fun to watch this fuck pig suck dick you\'re going to love watching her get railed in the ass. We stretch out her tight ass and gape the hell out of her each time we pull out of her ass so she can suck her own ass juice fresh off the cock. I don\'t know what was more fun, fucking her tight little ass our ramming cock into her cute baby face then covering it in cock sauce.
This week we stick it to blonde bimbo Kinzi. Can you guess what sets Kinzi apart from all the other blonde whores that we shoot? Is it her looks, nice boobs, fake and bake tan, ability to gag on cock and drool all over herself, nope, none of that sets her apart! The fact is nothing sets this dumb fucking cunt apart from 95% of the other wannabes we shoot. I’d give her extra points for having a nice ass but she loses them for not knowing how to shake the damn thing. She talked up her cock sucking skills which were average at best, not that’d I’d tell her to stop if she was polishing my knob. The problem with girls like Kinzi is every guy she’s ever blown has probably told her she’s amazing and the best they’ve had because they are just happy that a this somewhat hot chick is blowing them. She’s already got your cock in her mouth, there’s no need to feed her ego with compliments, call her a dirty whore and jam her head down, she’ll respect you more for it later, trust me.
We have a biohazard first for you sick puppies today… Triple Anal! We just love getting these foreign hoochies, they let us do whatever we want to their poor imported asses. We know we’re going to have fun when the stupid bitch tell us… “I am wanting you to fuck me more harder, yes, for the chance for living in US and A!”:-) We’ve had plenty of whores come through and get abused by one or more of our romantic gentlemen, having all their holes stretched like pieces of meat. Each of the classless cunts gets their share of being chocked, face fucked, double penetrated, eating ass, liking toilets, swallowing cum (you get the idea:-) but Sandra is the first filthy pig that took 3 cocks in the ass at the same time. Having one dick stuffed up your poop-shoot can’t be comfortable, having 2 cocks and a dildo rammed up your ass while being choked and spit on is an experience I hope no one reading this ever has to endure (being on the receiving end that is:-). Welcome to America bitch, the land of opportunity… opportunity to get your ass stretched and torn up so bad you wish you were back in Kazakhstan drinking warm goat milk from a dirty wooden cup!
Mya Luana
We have porn newbie Mya for sick bastards this week. Mya is a tiny little thing with a nice set of natural tits and cute face that looks even better when it’s stuffed with cock. This bitch pays attention to detail, she licks and sucks Bens cock and balls like a pro. This slut loves sucking cock and you can tell by how juicy her pussy was getting as she had a mouth full of man meat. Ben had a good time switching back and forth ramming his cock into Mya’s smooth box and then having her suck all the cunt juice off his cock, all the while smacking and choking her. It’s almost mesmerizing watching her fine little ass bounce up and down, I could watch that for hours. You feet people might appreciate Ben taking some time to suck on Mya’s little toes, personally I find it fucking revolting, but to each their own, not everyone likes to see a gaping anus that you can toss a baseball into for 6 feet away:-) The best part about hiring a Filipino for a porn shoot is she sticks around after to clean the house!
Amber Armstrong
It’s a big week for the last name Armstrong, Lance Armstrong gave up fighting and lost all his tour de France titles for doping! Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon passed away, rip space man! And Amber Armstrong the least famous of them all gets her rectum torn from being double penetrated. I sure hope Amber was doping before she competed against all other whores for the title of sodomy slut of the week. It may not be a prestigious title, there’s no trophy and the prize is a mouth full of cum but she won and she should be damn proud of it. It takes a special woman to have her anus stretched open so wide you can slip two large cocks in at the same time, anyone can ride a fucking bicycle, take that Lance you cheating one nut prick. /end rant... it\'s hard to bitch out someone who\'s raised $500M for cancer research;-)
We have beautiful brunette bitch Delilah for you guys this week. When I hear the name Delilah I used to think of that dumb cunt on the radio where people call in and give some sappy story about someone they love and haven\'t seen in a while, well after meeting this Delilah I now have a new image to associate that name with. This bitch has been a whore for a long time, hell she was first gang banged at 16, but for some reason only had her ass cracked last year for the first time. It\'s almost memorizing watching her ass cheeks bounce as she rides dick. Being such a whore from such a young age it\'s quite amazing she only started doing anal last year, I sure hope she\'s been practicing and practicing a lot because we tear her fine ass up. I don\'t care how much you prepare yourself (physically and mentally) being pounded in the ass, fed ass-covered cock, splattered in semen and treated like a worthless piece off meat can\'t do much for the ego. We get some serious gapes from this whore stretching her ass out over and over again.
This week we ass fuck wannabe porn star and genius Sammy Cruz. I hate to talk negatively about any of the dumb fucking whores that we use, abuse and treat like worthless pieces off fuck meat. They have feelings and I would never want to say anything that would offend the submentals in any way. I always wonder about people who get names tattooed on them, especially when they ink their own name on their arm or chest, is it just in case they forget their name, I mean what the fuck, I always thought that was so damn dumb up until I met Sammy. This whiz kid must be a member of mensa because she has completely changed my view on the subject. This braniac inked her lower back with a massive SAMMY! This way when you\'re done cock choking her and go to bang her tight little ass you know exactly whom it is you\'re sodomizing and about to cover in semen.
Missy Monroe
The saying goes “The only thing better than pussy, is new pussy” no one can argue with that, but there’s something to be said for a whore that’s tried, tested and true! There are those that fear the unknown and prefer going back to the same hole, they feel secure knowing they won’t be disappointed. We love fresh meat but a solid whore that knows how to take a fucking just can’t be beat. That’s the case with girls like Missy; she takes the cock like a champ! Whether it’s being rammed down her throat until she’s gagging and drooling all over herself, sliding into her pink pussy or stretching out her anus, Missy takes it like a proper fuck slut. She’s hot, dirty and not too smart, just the way we like them. How big of a slut do you have to be to tattoo your name on your ass so that guys fucking you from behind remember your name? This isn’t the best scene we’ve shot with Missy, she works better when two guys are abusing her, we’ll be more prepared for next time, but we did have fun cracking her ass and filling it with nut butter.
Vixen is one of the few red headed whores we’ve met where the curtains actually match the rug. As with most red headed sluts we expected her to have a serious fucking attitude, but she was surprisingly subdued. Vixen is new to the whole porn thing so we made sure to start her off nice and easy with a double stuffing of cock. Ben and Sasha waste no time in ramming Vixens pretty face, taking turns stuffing cock down her tight little throat. The boys have their fun double stuffing this pig like she’s a Thanksgiving turkey, followed up by basting her face with some cock gravy. Either this dumb bitch gets railed by two cocks on a regular basis or we need to have her paired up with some of our less gentle guys. I find her moaning too monotonous and one would think being banged in the ass would bring out more expression on her face. Then again her enjoyment is not high on our priority list. Next time we’ll make sure to bring out more expression… and tears.
Katie Ray
Happy Monday all you sick fucks, today we have the anal destruction of Katie Ray. Katie has been on the porn scene for a short time and was really anxious for work but hadn’t done much anal before. She was a little nervous about shooting for us but we assured her we’d be gentle and there would only be a little anal if any at all. We started her off nice and slow feeding her a healthy serving of man meat, stuffing her face full and jamming hard cock down her throat. Although Katie hadn’t done much anal before this fuck session, she got through it like it was a walk in the park...Well a walk that included Katie getting skull fucked, sodomized and made to suck ass juice off some stranger then left there like a worthless piece of meat with ass full of sperm. But wait that’s not all, this lucky little whore then farted the load out of her ass to taste it, jealous aren’t you!